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[h5]QBS RADIO - QATAR[/h5] The QBS English Service Radio launched at the end of 1971 with an aim to cater to the English-speaking communities in Qatar. During that time, QBS Radio broadcasted daily for one hour but eventually moved up to include three live shows. Gradually, those early beginnings turned into a variety of programs and segments that touch upon several topics. Accordingly, as of 2019 and the years to come, a combination of hard-work, perseverance and professionalism will continue to be poured into QBS Radio allowing it to grow exponentially providing its listeners with compelling content and a broad range of music adhering to an array of preferences. [hr] [h5]Categories[/h5][size 16]Ethnic, Talk[/size][h5]Social Media[/h5][link][img][/img][/link][link][img][/img][/link]

قاعدة بيانات محطات الراديو عبر الإنترنت, والاستماع إلى الموسيقى وبرامج الراديو والأخبار والبودكاست